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2007 Progress Report-

Feeling the need of Sikh's own media for a long time, I wrote an article on the subject of "Need for Sikh's own media",, which was published in Sikh publications like "Institute of Sikh Studies" Chandigarh and "Sikh Review" of Calcutta. 

To fill the need of Sikh’s own media, we started producing and broadcasting Radio and TV programs in Washington, DC area (the most powerful city in the world) in 1988. One hour Radio program every Sunday was started/produced and broadcast on a commercial Radio station in 1988 and was aired immediately after the newly started Rush Limbaugh Radio show (which is now a very popular nation-wide conservative radio show). 

In 1988 we also produced/broadcast two one hour each special TV Punjabi Cultural shows, which was converted to a regular weekly TV series in 1993 called “Passion For Truth”. This TV show is an English language panel discussion on Sikh issues in India and world-wide, with panelists who are mostly Americans, movers and shakers of Washington, DC establishments like White House, Capital Hill, National and International Think tanks/foundations and editors and International bureau chiefs of National Newspapers like Washington Posts and New York Times. 

In 1995 we started a second weekly TV series “Punjabi Community Hour” dealing exclusively with Sikh scriptures, Katha/Kirtan and Sikh documentaries. Both the TV weekly series are going strong. 

Activity Report of Year 2007

1. Two new web-cast TV channels "TVPunjabi" were launched with LIVE web-cast of Vaisakhi celebrations starting with 

(a) Saturday April 14 at Washington National Gurdwara (covering the participants of Amrit Sanchar, sponsored jointly by all the Gurdwaras of the Washington metropolitan area)

(b) Khalsa Day Parade at the Mall of Washington, DC

(c) Celebrations on Sunday at Guru Nanak Foundation of America, Maryland. 

(d) LIVE web-cast of 20 important Sikh events in Washington DC area covering, the Children annual Kirtan competition at GNFA, Prof. Darshan Singh Khalsa's Kirtan/Katha at different Gurdwaras and Rehan Sabahees. All of them can be accessed at

(e) All the 24/7 web-cast of new “TVPunjabi-USA” and every LIVE web-cast, can be accessed world wide at or 

(f) During 2007 we discussed various Sikh related issues on the TV with LIVE broadcast, such as

(i) Official of United States Department of Justice about the training of security personnel about Sikhs and Sikh issues. "Sikh American Cultural Awareness Training for Law Enforcement".

(ii) Washington Post Bureau Chief in New Delhi and the representatives of Sikh Coalition, United Sikhs and SALDEF, about the Sikh Turban issue vis-à-vis US TSA airport screening.

(iii) The Police Chief of Montgomery County, Maryland about the alleged hate crime against two elderly Sikhs in Burtonsville, Maryland.

(iv) Two Virginia State Senators, former White House and Congressional senior staff members, Washington Post and New York Times senior reporters and Ex. Bureau chiefs and high officials of national and international think tanks and institutes. 

Most of the TV programs have been archived on the web site for the world wide viewing at and We are taking the full advantage of the latest technology and using the common man's world wide TELEVISION to spread the word of Sikh thought to the worldwide audience.

For any question and/or more information, please contact Manmohan Singh Chawla at (703) 734-0689 or e-mail to


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