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Guru Granth Sahib, Salvation of Human Race-

Almost all of the 6.5 Billions of people in the present day earth believe in God. But the irony is that most of them have a blind faith. It is shame that most of the people on this planet earth do not use their God given brain to think about the existence of God and how to get salvation (Mukti) during this life. Instead they find an easy way out, to get instant gratification, by listening to the traders of religions and then believing in whatever they say blindly. We should use our brain a little bit and test every word of the traders of any religion against the messages given by different prophets of various religions. The question is to find the authentic messages given by the prophets and not depend on the books written not by the prophets themselves, but by others. Authentic messages can only be those, which were written by prophets themselves, i.e. first hand writings and not the second hand writings. If a book is not written by the prophet himself or during his life time with his blessing, it cannot and will not be considered authentic scriptures conveying the message of GOD by that prophet. Furthermore if there is a time gap between the death of a prophet and the first writing of the scriptures, the full purity of the scriptures, per the prophet’s message, cannot be guaranteed and many undesirable views can creep in the scriptures depending on the views of the writers and sponsors of those scriptures. 

Imagine this. If one person tells a story to a second person and then second person tells the same story to the third person, what do you think the chances are that the third person will tell exactly same story to the first person? Obviously the final story will be different, being influenced and modified by the views of the second and third person. If you extend this experiment by increasing the number of persons involved in transferring the story over a time period of hundreds of years, the original story or message of the first person will naturally be totally distorted or changed with many distortions and views of the people transferring the message forward. 

So the message of a messenger of GOD is best and reliable only if the message has been written, signed, sealed and delivered by the prophet himself during his own life time, and the message could not be changed by anybody else. 

There are two kind of religious books in the world of religions. One kind of the book is the one that was written, signed, sealed and delivered by the prophet himself in his own life time. This book cannot be changed by anybody else, contains no stories, but contains only the praises of GOD and how to get salvation (Mukti) by a human being in this very life. The second kind of religious books are/were written by people other than the prophets and that too after a few hundred years after the death of the prophets. That is why that these books need to be changed since such books contain stories and facts which do change with time. That is the reason that the preachers or traders of such religions are able to invent their own belief system and propagate it to the masses, which would benefit only the preachers, monetarily, or in any other way. So to perpetuate their hold on the common masses they keep on creating false and different belief systems and preach them as gospels in the name of the religion. That is why you will find in the world today in all the established religions of Christianity, Muslim, Hindu and other faiths, there are so many factions and denominations. 

Let us see, what all of us can agree that: 

1. There is only ONE GOD, i.e. there is no separate God of Christians, Muslims, and Hindus etc.
2. God is Truth, i.e. He has been True since eternity in the past, He is True in the present and He will remain true till eternity in future. 
3. God is creator of the world and only under His direction, any and every thing happens in this world. 
4. God is not afraid of any body, nor does He create fear in any body. 
5. He is ever living, i.e. He never dies.
6. He does not go through the process of birth and death, 
7. He is present throughout the universe. 
8. Human being can have an access to Him only with His grace and blessings. 

If any preacher or the trader of any religion preaches something and if that does not pass the test of the characteristics of God Himself as stated above, it falls into the category of Blind Faith. A few examples of commonly accepted practices and belief system falling into the Blind Faith category are: 

1. Only Jesus was the Son of God. As a matter of fact all the human beings in this world are sons/daughters of God. 

2. Jesus is coming back again in this world. This myth has been created by the traders of religion, so that the poor ignorant masses will adore, respect and fill the pockets of these traders of religion. 

3. Jews are the chosen people. That means that Jews are superior to other human beings. Again this myth is perpetuated by the traders of Jewish religion. 

4. Human beings can reach God only through Jesus Christ, Mohammad, or any other prophet of any religion. Actually any human being can reach God without the help of any religious leader or preacher etc. As a matter of fact every prophet, of all the world religions, just preached the presence and existence of ONE GOD and told us how to reach God by acquiring and practicing the characteristics of God in our own lives. But the traders of the religions interpreted the sayings of the prophets in their own way so that it could benefit those traders and the common people will just have the blind faith in God through those traders only. In that process the traders of all the established religions of the world are dividing the human race into various factions instead of uniting them under ONE GOD, as was originally intended and preached by all the prophets. 

5. What Guru Nanak uttered was Divine Revelation. He did not claim divinity, but said, “As the Lord sends His Word, so I deliver it.” It is this Baba Nanak - the real Baba Nanak we love and adorn. We yearn for his glimpse. He is ever with us, but visible only to a hungry eye - an eye that like beggar's bowl waits to be filled by his grace." Guru Nanak message, of ONE GOD and Universal Brotherhood, is enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Granth Sahib (The Sikh scriptures, the only authentic religious scriptures in the world, was written, sealed and delivered (in the original form without any changes) to the humanity by the prophets in their own life) is the only hope for the humanity to unite, instead of dividing into various factions, and its survival in the present dangerous world. Guru Granth Sahib is written in every day-spoken language of the masses, and everybody can read and understand the scriptures himself, thereby taking away any chance of anybody else misleading the masses. No scriptures of any other religion in the world can make that claim of being written by their prophet. Christian Bible and Muslim Koran were written a few hundred years after the death of prophets Jesus and Mohammad. 

Guru Granth Sahib preaches the life without any rituals, myths or promises from anybody as to how to meet God and/or how to go to heaven. Therefore one can reject/condemn the notion of any religious preacher, who would promise the innocent masses of (a) life of luxury with beautiful women in heaven or (b) taking people to heaven only if they believe in a particular prophet. No prophet would make such a pronouncement, but the preachers/traders of some religions made up stories of such promises and wrote them in their religious books, just to keep hold/control on the masses. The promises, by preachers of providing luxurious life or meeting God in heaven, were concocted by the cunning people in such a crooked way so that they could not be proved, challenged or verified, since such promises can only be available after the death and nobody has ever seen what happens after death. 

Since Guru Granth Sahib is so unique amongst all the scriptures of the world religions (It contains no stories of any kind and talks about ONE GOD only and how to meet Him), that is why, may be: 

(a) Famous and renowned personalities of the world consider Guru Granth Sahib as the only scriptures of salvation for the future Human beings of the world. Pearl Buck, (Daughter of Southern Presbyterian missionaries of West Virginia, USA) a Nobel laureate, gives the following comment on receiving the First English translation of the Guru Granth Sahib: 

I have studied the scriptures of the great religions, but I do not find elsewhere the same power of appeal to the heart and mind as I find here in these volumes. They are compact in spite of their length, and are a revelation of the vast reach of the human heart, varying from the most noble concept of God, to the recognition and indeed the insistence upon the practical needs of the human body. There is something strangely modern about these scriptures and this puzzles me until I learned that they are in fact comparatively modern, compiled as late as the 16th century, when explorers were beginning to discover that the globe upon which we all live is a single entity divided only by arbitrary lines of our own making. Perhaps this sense of unity is the source of power I find in these volumes. They speak to a person of any religion or of none. They speak for the human heart and the searching mind. 

(b) Max Arthur Macauliffe writes about the authenticity of the Guru's teaching: 

The Sikh religion differs as regards the authenticity of its dogmas from most other theological systems. Many of the great teachers the world has known, have not left a line of their own composition and we only know what they taught through tradition or second-hand information. If Pythagoras wrote of his tenets, his writings have not descended to us. We know the teachings of Socrates only through the writings of Plato and Xenophon. Buddha has left no written memorial of his teaching. Kungfu-tze, known to Europeans as Confucius, left no documents in which he detailed the principles of his moral and social system. The founder of Christianity did not reduce his doctrines to writing and for them we are obliged to trust to the gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Arabian Prophet did not himself reduce to writing the chapters of the Quran. They were written or compiled by his adherents and followers. But the compositions of Sikh Gurus are preserved and we know at first hand what they taught. 

(c) Some of the so called western researchers of Sikh Issues, like McLeod, a Christian Missionary on a mission to India, did not do research on the uniqueness of Guru Granth Sahib amongst all the world religious scriptures, but rather concentrated their research to question Its authenticity. He could not achieve his motive of denigrating Guru Granth Sahib, but he did lose his own faith in Christian religion. 

(d) We Sikhs call this Granth as our GURU and should do everything in our power to keep and propagate the uniqueness of Guru Granth Sahib in the world religious scriptures and not allow its uniqueness to be denigrated by anybody by equating IT with other Granths or books. Why should any right thinking person will leave a Sikh way of living, as enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib, and adopt any other religious way of life? In the same way, why a person living any other way of life, once he finds out about uniqueness of Guru Granth Sahib, will not be attracted to Sikh way of life. 

6. The most important aspect of the unity of humanity lies with the idea of ONE GOD and the innate divinity in man. According to Sikh doctrine, God is the creator of all things and all men, hence all men are equal. Thus nationality, race, gender or color should not lead to estrangement but to better knowledge of one another based on the principle of equality and brotherhood. 

7. Unfortunately today, Sikhism, like any other world established religion, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewish, is a faith twisted and confused by the actions of the traders of Sikh religion. Sadly in Sikhism, "Sant Maharajs" (the so caned gurus) devoid of any real religious beliefs, are abounding like frogs in monsoon. The pious Granthis who are supposed to be ideal Sikhs, no longer set profound examples of moral conduct. The semi-literate arrogant jathedars, the power hungry management elite make tall claims but lack substance. They barter people's interest for self-aggrandizement. What guidance can be expected from them? One laments, the moral imperatives of the faith have been infringed impairing Sikhism. Like a prairie fire, these elements have disfigured beauty of Sikhism, which indicates failure of our religious bodies. 

8. The universal message of Sikhism which beamed from Darbar Sahib, a mere 400 years ago and which could have given guidance to the confused masses of the world and could enlighten the world, today lies buried under the dark clouds of ego and self-glorification. The fiber of Sikhism is tarnished. Traditionally, the moral and psychological strength of the Sikhs depend on the strength and stability of their sanctuary. The need is therefore to restore the pristine purity and the glory of Gurdwara so that the message of Guru Nanak may be restored and spread in its past brilliance. This demands replacement of vanity with whole-hearted selfless service to humanity. 

9. For our salvation, let us honor Guru Nanak through deed than in thought or memory. It would be the best tribute that we can pay to the Saint. To act otherwise would put hamper in our spiritual progress and enlightenment and deprive the world humanity from this precious gift of Guru Nanak’s message of ONE GOD and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD. 

Manmohan Singh Chawla
Producer, “Passion For Truth” TV, 
“Punjabi Community Hour” TV, and 

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