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Unique Attributes of the Sikh Faith-

There are so many unique attributes and many firsts in Sikh faith, which make us so lucky and proud to be a Sikh. Some of them are:

1. Sikh scriptures (Guru Granth Sahib), available to the world humanity, is in original form, the word of God, written, sealed and delivered by the Sikh prophets themselves and has not been changed by any body else. 

2. No scriptures of any other religion in the world can make that claim.

3. Only Sikh scriptures give human race guidance on the clean and spiritual way of living.

4. Sikh prophets took out the intermediary between the human beings and God i.e. Sikhs can pray and have a direct connection with God without the assistance of any intermediaries. Other world religions are still suffering from that ill of intermediaries who have been, in the past, and are still exploiting the innocent masses for their own interests and benefits.

5. Sikh prophets preached the life without any rituals, myths or promises from any body as to how to meet God and/or how to go to heaven, thus making Sikhs to be self reliant and confident. They rejected/condemned the notion of all religious preachers, who would promise the innocent masses of (a) life of luxury with beautiful women in heaven or (b) taking people to heaven only if they believe in a particular prophet. No prophet would make such a pronouncement, but the preachers/traders of those religions made up stories of such promises and wrote them in their religious books, just to keep hold/control on the masses. The promises of preachers of providing luxurious life or meeting God in heaven, were concocted by the cunning people in such a way that that kind of life could only be available after the death. Since no body has ever seen what happens after death, such concocted stories cannot be proved, challenged or verified.

6. Sikh scriptures are written in every day-spoken language of the masses, who can read and understand the scriptures themselves, thereby taking away any chance of any body else misleading the Sikhs.

7. Sikh scriptures teach us to be spiritual in our lives by taking God’s Naam, which means that we should try to bring God’s attributes of TRUTH, HUMILITY, LOVE OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS, NOT BE FEARFUL OF ANY BODY OR BE FEARFUL TO OTHERS etc into our own lives, and make our lives peaceful and contended, which is the basic desire of all the human beings on this earth.

8. The status of women was elevated more than 500 years ago (much earlier than the present day women equality) by Sikh Gurus, even higher than men by clearly stating the unique power of women only, to produce saints. 9. Non-violence movement was started and practiced more than 400 years ago by the Sikh Gurus by peacefully martyring their lives against the brutal and tyrannical rulers of the time. 

These subjects are sometimes discussed by Prof. Darshan Singh Khalsa Ji in his Kirtan/Katha through Guru Granth Sahib Academy. TV programs are being produced and broadcast about Professor Sahib’s One-hour TV program in Montgomery and Fairfax counties as per the following schedule. Two new TV Channel on the web 24/7 web-casting of new “TVPunjabi-USA” started on Vaisakhi day in April 2007, starting with a live web-cast of Vaisakhi celebrations on Saturday and Sunday at National Gurdwara, Khalsa Day Parade and Guru Nanak Foundations of America, Maryland. Every body can access the “TVPunjabi-USA” by going to web site or and clicking on the link (TV Channel #1 or #2) to start the stream. Special Live Kirtan, from one of the Washington area Gurdwaras is broadcast on special occassions. For information on future live web-cast, visit or Some of the programs have also been archived on the Internet at this web site, and also on youtube and googlevideo sites at and

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TV Channel on the web: 24/7 web-casting of new “TVPunjabi-USA” One can access the “TVPunjabi-USA by going to our web site or and clicking on the link, TV Channel # 1 or # 2, to start the stream. 

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